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1927 Phaeton
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1927 Roadster
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1928 Sedan
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1929 Landaulet
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1930 Touring
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1931 Convertable Coupe
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1932 Touring
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1933 Convertable Coupe
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1934 Sedan
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1935 Convertable Coupe
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1936 Convertable Coupe
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1937 Coupe
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1938 Phaeton
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1939 Sedan
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1940 52 Special

Welcome to the LaSalle Appreciation Society's web site. The LaSalle Appreciation Society is a Chapter of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Inc. and is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, education about, and enjoyment of the LaSalle automobile, Cadillac's companion car. Browse through this site to learn more about the LaSalle, see photos of the LaSalle, consider joining the society, and purchase LaSalle merchandise.

If you are not familiar with the LaSalle, you might want to begin by reading a brief history of the automobile by clicking the "LaSalle History" button above. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Our newsletter, Sallee Speaks which is published quarterly, contains all of our current infornation. However, you do need to be a LaSalle Appreciation Society member to acess the issues.

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Member's Car For Sale

I bought my 1937 LaSalle Series 50 Sedan from a club member some 15 years ago in pretty much a body on restoration. The mechanics, engine, brakes, paint, chrome, rubber parts etc. were done. I had the complete interior redone correct and original with the help of LeBaron Bonny / Hampton coach. I also rebuilt the running boards with new rubber and the stainless steel trim parts. I   Installed the correct factory heater, signal and fog lights. I have driven this car primarily locally and trips to the Ca. Coast. I may have put 5,000 miles since I acquired the car. Over the many years it has been pretty much free of any issues.

If interested in owning my car contact me at ( 707-495-5965) or (tedfarber@comcast.net) I’m asking $ 29,500 OBO. This is really a very nice car to drive and its ready to go.