Please e-mail specifying what you wish to purchase for a total price including shipping, as well as
payment and ordering instructions. Note that any profits from the sale of this merchandise goes to help support the society.

Handy Dandy New LAS Logo Flashlight!!!
Ever wish you could just put a little more light on the subject? This little flashlight is perfect for looking into those dark places under the hood, under the dash, in the trunk, under your LaSalle! It is also great for walking at night! It fits so nicely in your tool box, in your glove box or in your pocket. (Nancy likes to use hers when she travels and carries it in her handbag.).
The 12 ultra-bright LED bulbs are 140 times brighter than candle light and the batteries last about five times longer than regular flashlights. The tough casing is water/shock resistant, has an exclusive titanium finish, and weighs less than 3.5 ounces. The size is a perfect 4 5/8" by 1 1/4" with a wrist strap attached to the end. It comes with a nylon pouch and 3 AAA batteries. The color LAS logo is mounted on the side under an epoxy dome. Cost only $15 (US funds).
Embroidered Sweatshirts
Many of you have asked us for sweatshirts and they are indeed useful for car shows
because of the changing weather, especially in the spring and fall. So we are now offering a beautiful navy cotton/polyester fabric sweatshirt with the embroidered LAS logo on one side and you can have your name and the year of your car embroidered on the other side. Both designs are embroidered on the front. When you order be sure to print what you want to appear on your sweatshirt so it is clearly legible for the seamstress.

These fine shirts are completely washable and come in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. 
Cost is $37 each plus shipping and handling


Key fob

Key fobs  are $17


Embroadered T-shirts
Short sleeve with pocket Jerzee poly cotton-shirts with LaS logo. All standard sizes. Colors: white, ash, black, burnt orange, navy, khaki, royal blue, true red $24 each plus shipping and handling . Also available in long sleeve for $30.


Poly-fleece Vest

These comfortable poly-fleece vests are perfect for those spring and fall car shows. Not too warm in spring but warm enough in fall. Available in all the usual sizes. Colours: Grey, Navy and Black. Includes LaS logo, additional embroidery such as a name ($3) and car year and make ($3) are additional. $40  each plus shipping / handling
Owner Button

LaSalle Owner Button

This badge is 2.25 inches in diameter and has a pin on the back, typical of badges of its type. The letters appear in black on white background, making it easily readable…exactly like the original button. $6 each.
ID Tag
ID Tags
Did you ever wonder what went into that sewn on pocket attached to the right side front kick panel?  Well here they are.  Courtesy of John Bertelone we can now offer these ownership cards to our members. The cost is $ 2 per card or 3 for $ 5,.  Order from Nancy Hotz,
Lapel Pin

Red Round Lapel Pins

Ideal for the formal club gathering. Show the world you are a LaSalle Aficionado. Send $ 6


LaSalle Lady Pins

This item is a real attention getter! Each letter is 1/2 " square, each pin weighs less than 1/2 oz, and is made of many brilliant rhinestones mounted on a locking pin. Be sure and state which pin you desire: LaSalle Lady or LaSalle Cost only $15 each

Autheticate your LaSalle
Contact the Cadillac Historical Services to seek documentation on your LaSalle by providing details as listed below. Cadillac Historical Services has expanded the range of documentation offered to include copies of Salesman’s Data Books, Operation Manuals, Optional Specifications, etc, as available. This vintage info pack sells for $50. A copy of the record sheet showing the as-built configuration, including original destination, paint color code, trim code, accessories and component serial numbers, is available for $50. Provide the VIN and vehicle data – year, style#, body# and serial/VIN#. Include a check or money order in US funds for $50 (plus an additional $50 for the invoice) payable to Allied Vaughn. For further details refer to the notice on Page 295 of the 2017 International Directory.